Chapter 1: Introduction to Trinary

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The Principles of the Trinary Universe
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Trinary Science 

This is what it sounds like in Word Read Aloud, the Dogs barking are mine

Trinary Science is 3 words, the first is Trinary, meaning 3 Logical State changes, viewing these State changes under an Electron Microscope, focusing on any Atom such as a Proton, Neutron or Electron, we see 3 Logical State changes as Solid, Semisolid, and Invisible, as such Trinary is based on these 3 views of Logical Atomic State changes viewed under an Electron Microscope, now the second word is Science and that means it is only based on Facts, and not Theory and a Theory is not a way of explaining Facts, if you do not believe so, you do not understand the meaning of the words, a fact is something anyone can prove, so let me prove this to you, Light without Darkness, and Darkness without Light are not the same thing, nor is Light or Darkness, with the without part left out, because Light by itself is assumed to be the Light we can see, but Sir Isaac Newton proved you can focus the White Light of the Sun into a Prism and see a Rainbow of Color in the Darkness of White Light, but White Light has many Shades of Grey going into the Spectrum Black, and why Black and White nor any Shade of Grey can be found in the Rainbow of Colors, as such, Black Light is a reference to a Black Light, but as in input to the Prism, the Darkness from another, when it recombines the Darkness, what we get back is still White Light, but its value in Hex, for Black it is the Number 0, being the lowest value with no Light in it, as an input to a prism, you will get the same amount of Color Brightness out of it as Black, and on the way up the scale in Hex, when we get to 9, we switch to Athrough F, and F is White, so these are all Shades of Grey as Input and Not Colors, so that is a Fact, now the third word is called a phrase, or two words with different Spells, the first describes a Logical State change of the presents of Atoms, we describe this relationship by using numbers and Math, in this case Trinary Math, and it too is a Phrase, as such, Trinary describes Dimensions in space starting with Width, Depth and Height, we assign a Dimension to each, so in Math they add up to 3, meaning 3 Trinary Logical State changes, as such in 3 Dimensions or 3D, we have all 3 Dimensions of Space, so do not confuse Space with Width, Depth and Height, those are Dimensions of Space, for example imagine the letter O as in Oh, or O God, meaning Good, this is known as Witchcraft when a word or the way you spell it has more than 1 meaning, so God is defined in Alchemy as All Light without Darkness, so using the Word Spelled God is the same as saying All Light without Darkness, but Religion is about teaching Sheep like Ewe in Psalms 23 who follow a Shepard to believe that the Angel named God that is a Deity, proving they take the Mark of the Beast known as Sheep like Ewe, a Deity means something that does not physically exist, which is the same as those that believe God does not Exist, as such, Religion teaches a Deity God, and not the God that is All Light without Darkness since that physically exists inside every Atom in the Universe, as such, Trinary Science as a Phrase, means 3 Logical State changes in Atoms and Science is only Fact and not Theory so this is Science about Trinary, and Trinary and Trinity mean the same thing in the Torah and that is that God is All Light without Darkness, the Father is the Positive Matter, the Son is Negative or Antimatter, and Mother Earth also known as Mother Nature, is called Ground and in the 3D world is viewed as Electricity, our brainwaves prove we are that Electricity, or Light Being as Nikola Tesla put it, since all Atoms are shells made up of Subatomic Neutrino particles, and All Light without Darkness, which Newton said was the Force of God in all his Equations, so let us look at God based Math, but first, God and Trinary mean the same thing, so let us only use one, I do not care which you use, but I will call this Trinary Science, and you can call it God Science, but not a Deity God Science, that is called Science-Fiction, like that written by Albert Einstein so it is a Theory not a Fact, and why Trinary Science is just better.  

E = MC2 is Einstein’s theory that he denounced in 1942 in front of a group of News Paper Reporters who gather around Einstein and Tesla, depending on whose version of history, it might be different places at different times, but not in my version of His-Story, where the two met face to face to talk in front of these reporters, this is not anyone’s reality but my own, since this took place over time, and in different places like History tells it, the reason I use a different version is to make you understand how I view His-Story and History, as such, this is faster, so, Tesla and Einstein are in front of reporters asking them both questions.  

The first Reporter asks who is the most Intelligent and Tesla jumped in and said dead it would be Kepler and Newton, but alive he is in this room, and if you are Intelligent, you will figure out who it is.  

The second reporter says to the other reporters, Einstein has a Great Theory for how our Universe Works, so it cannot be Kepler or Newton, and Tesla jumps in and said Kepler and Newton said God was the Force of Gravity in the Universe, and that Force is F = MA, or the Force of God is equal to the Mass of any Object times its Acceleration, and the Torah said “God is All Light without Darkness”, so God is Light, and Einstein removed that from his theory which is not about our Universe at all, and only Fools would try to prove we live in a Universe without God, since the Torah said God is only Light, the without part only confuses ewe in Psalms 23, since Darkness is the only Light you can see, since it is the Rainbow of Colors in that Light, and Einstein removed it, as did Plank, so there is no Light and only what Atoms are made of, without the Light of God in that Universe, and why he had to use Centrifugal Force and not God as Gravity, since he removed God or All Light without Darkness in his Theory about an Alternate Universe in an Alternate Reality, in the Newtonian Universe God is the Force or F = MA, and in this Math, only the Mass or Neutrinos Mass that make up the Atoms, not the Light without Darkness, only the weight of all the Neutrinos in those Atoms after all of them go Nuclear, so what Einstein did was say that C is a Constant for the Speed of Light Squared, this is Fools Math since he removed God from the Universe it would not exist in this Universe in this Equation proving in this Universe God is Light, so must be accounted for with Math, because as we all know that in the Newtonian Universe, “Light has No Acceleration”, so it is Static, since it can only move when Space has Collapsed when no Aether or Dimensions in Space exist, also known as the 0 Dimension, but Einstein does not believe in Dimensions of Space like Width, Depth and Height since in an Alternate Universe in an Alternate Reality without God in it, nor any Dimensions to support any 3 Dimensional Space, making it much easier to fold and bend, since this is only in a Dimensionless Universe where Time Travel is possible without God, or Light without Darkness, so there is nothing anyone living there could see, since Einstein removed God or Light or Darkness or any Dimension in Space out of his Math, as did Plank, so let me do the same for you now.  

E = MC2 since we know C only applies in an Alternate Universe in an Alternate Reality without God in it, and we all know the Newtonian Universe has God as the Force of Gravity in it, and we all know that God is All Light without Darkness found inside of all Atoms, so Newton is saying only Neutrinos exist here, not Energy, since Light is Energy I call Electricity, and I can use Electricity to turn on the Light you can see, and if the Universe were Static, I could not throw any objects since they are also static, so MA would make no sense in this context, and if we make both the Universe and Light Dynamic, nothing would appear to move, brainwaves and a flashlight can prove our Soul is Light, so Electricity is our Dead Souls, and the Bank uses Money to Buy and Sell Souls by the Kilowatt just like Satan, proving Money is the Root of All that is Evil, proving they work for the Church teaching a Deity God and not the God of All Light without Darkness, so C is only the Acceleration of the Mass in the Newtonian Universe, so it is A, so let me write this so you understand what this Math looks like in our Universe. 

F = MA and Newton wrote this, all Einstein did was removed God or Light, so he could confuse stupid sheep like ewe into believing our Universe does not have God in it, and Religion is behind Einstein since they teach God does not Physically Exist or that God does not exist in our Universe since that is the same Belief System or BS, so it is the Math about God or Light without Darkness, better known as your Soul, yet Einstein said he did not fundamentally change what Newton said about the Universe, and this is true, Newton talked about a Universe with God in it, Einstein talked about a Universe without God in it, but what does Fundamentally mean, Fun to be Mental. 

The third reported asks “For the Record then, who is the most Intelligent human alive now? 

Einstein said with a very Sarcastic voice “Tesla is”, my Theory does not even apply to a Universe with God in it, and this theory would not work without Newton’s God as Gravity. 

Kepler found a Torah written before the 4th Century owned by Tycho Brahe who would only give it up with his dead hands, so Kepler waited for him to die, not wanting him to go, since he understood it better, so the two spent most of their free time talking about it.  

Galilei Galileo was the next to take over the book as well as the Ashkenazi Masonic Order Tycho Brahe started, and how Kepler found out about it, Galileo was not allowed to tell the Public about this version of the Torah, or those before it, the ones that did not have Christ inserted into it, as such, this is the Foundation for Trinary Science, and we can now call Christ a Star, since that is what Kepler wrote, and the true study of that Star is called Christianity, and not the belief in things that do not physically exist, or do not exist at all, God is All Light without Darkness, and on 25 December under the Julian Calendar, the one Sir Isaac Newton was born under in 1642, was changed to 4 January 1643 then they removed 10 days, making it 14 January 2061 the End of Time that Sir Isaac Newton calculated to be in the Julian Calendar of 2060, the calculation proving that our Magnetosphere is diminishing in strength, and NASA has confirmed it has been diminishing in strength for over a century now, and diminishing in strength at a rate of 5% a year, so it will be gone by 2033, the reason for the update is clear, Humans are using Money to Buy and Sell Souls that live in Oil in the Earth, and allows the Earth to freely spin on its axis, but Satan allows this Treason, as it does by allowing the Federal Reserve to Print Money instead of Congress proving this is all Treason, and Law itself is based on Treason, all for Money that Jesus Bar Abbas the Leader of the Militia and defeated the Roman Empire for its use of Money and Taxation, and this Militia took over the Military and took an Oath to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States, and Kill all that are guilty of Treason, or those that use Money not printed by Congress, that was dissolved in 1933 when Congress could not make the Interest Payment on the National Debt, making this a fact and not a theory about a fact.  

Trinary Science is the Science we can all prove is a fact, no need for any theory about why this is a Fact, Light without Darkness is a Fact, 3 Logical State changes are Facts, and do not need a Theory to explain them, nor do Dimensions, in our Reality, we have Width, Depth and Height and the invisible Atom under the Electron Microscope that needs a fact to explain it, but not a theory not proven to be a fact, so the 0 Dimension exist to explain this fact, but without using a theory to do so.  

Trinary Science is the truth about Science according to the Torah written before the 4th Century, Kepler, Newton, and Tesla, as well as others, that are all known to be Autistic in the spectrum of Autism known as Asperger Syndrome or Aspies for short, History calls them Wizards since they are the most knowledgeable in their field of study, which is Alchemy or Chemistry, and they studied Witchcraft to understand the Torah or Bible, so I cannot teach Trinary Science without first Teaching its History, nor can I call this the Newtonian Universe since Newton hated the teaching of Trinity as Christ, I had to change the name to Trinary, but I dropped the Newtonian Concept for the Trinary Engine Concept, so I added something to this Trinary Science called an Atom, we have very small Atoms, and larger versions of them called Trinary Engines, same Laws of Physics, but a new definition for the term Hollow Earth.