Sunspots explained

This is not a Rant, I will prove to you what a Sunspot is, but you must follow my logic.

If you or anyone that wants to try to prove me wrong using Facts and not a Theory, be my guess, but first take the time to read this, and ask if you need more proof, because I can find it, and I can prove beyond a reasonable doubt, what a Black Spot on the Sun is, or a Sunspot.

I will prove to you what the Sun is, what a Black spot on the Sun is, and what the Nature of the Universe is, in as few words as I can, so ask questions, I will answer them, because I understand the Sunspots, better than any, and I will prove it as a fact, and not another Theory.

I will try to prove this concept of Dark or Black spots on the Sun, by using only Facts, with no Theory, meaning I can prove everything, and I will show you proof of the concepts I will use. I will build upon one concept to get to the next concept, and prove to you how the Universe works.

I give credit for this discovery to a woman by the name of Henrietta Swan Leavitt, who wrote notes that are in the public domain, meaning you can search the Library of Congress for them. In those notes are descriptions of her analyzing telescope pictures. You can find videos about her, and ones that even go over what I am about to tell you. You can find all the notes I will say she said or wrote. There is a lot of information about her, and you should really take some time to learn about her.

She worked for Hubble, who they named a Telescope after, but he was riding on her work, and her notes proved it.

She was brilliant, and discovered that our Sun orbits the Galaxy, and at a constant rate.

The inner Suns are orbiting faster than anyone previously imagined, and the outer ones are traveling faster than modern science can explain.

She figured out how to use the light emitted by a sun or galaxy, to calculate its distance from us.

She discovered and documented some of the concepts I will use, and I will tell you where I got references to any concept that was not from her work, and one is Atoms, she never got down to that level of science. She did not come to a conclusion, but was working on it when she died. This is my conclusion of her work.

We cannot see in front of the Sun, and most people do not know this, but if you do the math, you will figure this out.

We are a million miles away from the Sun, and it is about a million miles in diameter, so the angles (not Angels) will prevent us from seeing even the sides of the front face of the sun, so we cannot see a Planet 100 times the size of Jupiter hit in front of the sun.

We can see objects that will come into the sun’s path, from a very long distance, and then figure out if it hits the sun, if it disappears. This means we can prove that an object was heading towards the sun, as it is no longer trackable, so it must have hit it. This is called Empirical Evidence. We cannot visually see an object hit the sun, so we have no direct knowledge of such an event, but we can observe an object heading directly at the sun, and it disappears, so we can make an assumption based on Empirical Evidence. This means that the logic of the concept I am proposing, is based on Facts and not Theory.

A theory is not a way of explaining a fact, it is a way of lying about them. Flesher, paraphrasing Tesla, paraphrasing Newton. Kepler’s 3 Laws describe how (1) planets move in elliptical orbits with the Sun as a focus, (2) a planet covers the same area of space in the same amount of time no matter where it is in its orbit, and (3) a planet’s orbital period is proportional to the size of its orbit (its semi-major axis).

Newton’s 3 Laws, the first law, an object will not change its motion unless a force acts on it. In the second law, the force on an object is equal to its mass times its acceleration (F = MA). In the third law, when two objects interact, they apply forces to each other of equal magnitude and opposite direction. (6.66 ± 0.00016) x 10-11 m3 kg-1 s-2 .

These are all facts you must remember, I will explain how this all fits into a concept of the Universe that Kepler, Newton, Tesla, or Leavitt tried to teach the world. Henrietta Swan Leavitt referenced images that show large objects, Meteoroids, Asteroids, Meteorites, Comets, Planets, and other objects floating in space, that the Sun pulls in with its gravity, and why we are not pounded by these Near Sun Objects or NSOs, normally all we get are Meteorites, see this Quick summary

  • meteoroid: A “space rock”-a relatively small object traveling through space, between the size of a grain of dust and a small asteroid.
  • meteor: A meteoroid that enters Earth’s atmosphere and burns up.
  • meteorite: A meteoroid, especially one that has hit Earth’s surface.
  • asteroid: A rocky object that orbits the sun and has an average size between a meteoroid and a planet.
  • comet: An object made mostly of ice and dust, often with a gas halo and tail, that sometimes orbits the sun.
  • I would add Planets, Suns, and Moons into this list.

This means that when an Object hits the Sun, it leaves a black hole that can last for months or years, we track them, and we can track NSOs (Near Sun Objects) that are hitting the Sun.

This explanation is better than the model they are using, which is Magic, they have no explanation for Sunspots that I can believe, only theories.

What you can do, is what I did, and that is to edit by hand over 100,000 images of the sun every year, then you would know what I learned about Sunspots.

You can see all these images here:

You can prove this to yourself by doing the following, track a new Black Spot on the Sun, and then go back and look at all the NSOs, and find out if one is now missing, proving it hit the Sun, causing a large cooler spot where the sun is melting down the object, and the sun is growing at a constant rate as a result of this activity.

The CME is caused by the material in the NSO. The Coronal Mass Ejection is composed of explosive components, so you can find their composition by using their light emission. The electrical storm that surrounds the dark spots, are from the Polarized Density in a material, meaning magnets that are burning, causing a Polarizing effect on the material around it. You can take a magnet and drop it in molten steel and recreate a dark spot, this is proof of concept. This means you can do a few experiments to prove that this is what is causing the Dark Spots on the Sun. This video is all I need to prove this point, you take a planet, throw it at the sun, and this will happen:

  1. Molten Steel is not Magnetic
  2. Molten Magnets are no longer Magnetic.
  3. Magnets lose their strength if heated too high.

You take a planet, it has a lot of atoms in it, all those atoms have electrons, I might point out that in Trinary Science, an electron is a type of Atom, you have the Proton, and Neutron that are bound by the Electron. This is a point you must understand. When you melt anything, it is being deconstructed, meaning at the atomic level, the components that make up the material are being stripped down and mixed together, forming a new material. All the Energy is being released in the form of an Electrical Storm.

Main points:

  1. If melt down any object floating in space, it will give up its Magnetic properties in the form of Electricity.
  2. It is the Electricity that causes the Electrical Storm around the Black spot.
  3. A CME is the result of the Object exploding.

The third point is based on facts we can conclude from what we know about melting down any object. You can visit some companies that melt down large vats of steel, and see what happens if you throw in a cold piece of what they are melting, it will explode, as proof of this concept. You can search on YouTube.

If you take a object flying at the sun, it will have the same effect as throwing cold icy metal, where the ice melts into water, so here is the proof of this concept:

So far this should be easy enough to follow, I have evidence to support what I am calling a fact. Most of this science I talk about in my book the Principles of the Trinary Universe.

The Sun has a core, it is a very large Atom I call a Trinary Engine, as I have proved that the Galaxy, Sun, Planet, and Moons, all behave like Atoms, and so much so, that you cannot ignore the fact that they are the same thing. Trinary Atoms are small, and only come in so many sizes, but Trinary Engines are very large Atoms, and come in various sizes, and follow the rules of Electricity.

This means that every Galaxy, Sun, Planet, or Moon, all follow the same rules as Electricity. You must understand this concept, so you can understand a Black spot on the Sun. Every Trinary Engine has signs of being a very large Magnetic Engine, we call it a Magnetosphere, or Gravity. Most people that believe in Einstein, never understood his Theory, so let me dumb this down so anyone can understand it. Newton said God is the Force of Gravity, or F = MA, where F is the Force of Gravity in terms of God, which the Torah or Bibles, define as all Light without Darkness we know exists inside all the Atoms, just split one as proof, the Atomic Bomb. M is the Mass of Atoms times their A for Acceleration. Newton said Light is Static, because it has no Acceleration. Einstein removed God, therefore all Light without Darkness, as proof, all of Einstein’s work, or anyone that based their work on Einstein always ignored the Light, see Plank as proof.

Einstein said E = MC2 , where M is the Mass of Atoms that require the Light without Darkness to exist, proving nothing exists in Einstein’s Alternate Universe in an Alternate Reality.

Newton’s math led me to write this: E = MA2, and why the one above appears to work. To explain why this is, understand this, E is Energy, and I am saying the Force of Gravity is Energy, that is stored in the M for Mass of Atoms, so you square the Acceleration up to the speed we call the Speed of Light, which is the stupidest thing anyone can every say, meaning you must lack the intelligence of Newton when he said Light is Static because it has no acceleration, which is the definition of static.

Let me explain what Static Light means.

  1. Light is Static because it has no Acceleration, you cannot change this fact.
  2. Only the Electron can generate Light, and God is that Light.
  3. A Photon is the smallest unit of Light we can measure.
  4. When you keep increasing the frequency of an Electron, it will turn into Light.
  5. When an Electron transitions from an Electron to Light, the Light is Static, and the Universe is Dynamic and moves at what Einstein said was the Speed of Light.
  6. Unlike Einstein’s Theory that he denounced in 1942, the Newspapers report this event, saying he believes in Newton’s God as Gravity, and why we still use Newton’s math based on God as being the Force of Gravity in all his Equations.
  7. Einstein has two Theories that cancel each other out. The first is that Light is Dynamic and the Universe is static, and he said only in the case of Special Relativity can the Universe be Dynamic, which creates a paradox, how can it be both Static and Dynamic, but who cares because Light has no Acceleration.
  8. The Universe is Dynamic, as proof, take anything that is Static, meaning it does not move in the Universe, the only thing we know of is Light, and you follow its path, or direction it takes, which can be any since the Universe is dynamic, and you will understand that Light does not move, only the Universe does.
  9. Humans cannot sense the direction that Light moves. Cameras can only prove that Light is Static.
  10. It is not possible to accelerate any object to the Speed we say Light Travels, because Light has no acceleration and you cannot change that behavior, it defines what Static means.
  11. If you understand we are on a planet that spins over a thousand miles an hour, traveling on average at 66,666.666 miles an hour around the Sun, which is orbiting the Galaxy at 666,666.666 miles per hour, such that there is nothing on Earth that is Static, or not moving, it is all how we perceive things as moving, or being Static, proving only Light is Static, everything is moving at a very high rate of speed. These speeds are based on the G Gravity Constant of 6.66, which rounds of 6.67 which might look more familiar to those that know it.
  12. If you follow the path of Light, it will come full circle in 13 to 16 Billion Light years, because it must follow the laws of Electricity, which states all electrons travel in circles, the electron orbits around a conductor, and not through it. Henrietta Swan Leavitt, Hubble forced her not to publish that, but she did anyway, and he never forgave her, and bad mouthed her work.
  13. You cannot prove Light is Dynamic, Einstein’s theories are Denounced, no one in over 100 years can prove that Light is Dynamic, because it has no Acceleration, you must understand this fact.
  14. If you cannot prove a Theory in 24 hours, and not can in over a century, it is not a fact.
  15. If Light is not Dynamic, and no one can prove it is, then it is Static.
  16. Light appears to move because the Universe moves, but not in any given direction, and what the word Dynamic means. Things that move on a path move linearly and not dynamically. Do not confuse how the Earth orbits the Sun to Dynamic, the two systems are not compatible, only the Universe is Dynamic, just like only Light is Static.
  17. A Theory means no one can prove it, so no one should believe it is true, to do so is Science Fiction, but more to the point it is a Lie and only Liars use Theories.
  18. The Universe does not care what you believe, so know it, or no it not.
  19. The Truth is only what you can prove is true, and not based on what you believe, see 18, I say this is a fact, and you want to debate a Fact using a Theory, see 17. You have no right to believe what you want, to do so is Satanic, the Torah and Bibles say Satan is a Person, that means in the Flesh and Blood, and bad to the Bone, a person that tells and believes only half truths.
  20. Our brainwaves are Electrical Signals, when that wave Flat-lines, we are dead, our Lights go out, this is proof that our Soul is Light, and it takes Electricity to make Light, and only Satan buys or sells Souls by the Kilowatt, proving everyone on this planet is Satanic, and I did just include myself, like Newton born on 25 December 1642, under the Julian Calendar, which the Gregorian Calendar change that to 4 January 1643, then they removed 10 Days making it 14 January, my Birth in 1961, one hundred years before the End of Time Newton Calculated using the Torah, to be 2060, now it is 2061. NASA proved our Magnetic Strength is decaying at a constant rate of around 5% per century, Newton said we reset the calendar to 0 when we first discovered this, rewriting history to fit these dates. The Torah and Bibles said Jesus would return as the Flesh 1 hundred years before the End of Time, and that person will be the Antichrist, like Newton before me, I do not believe a person named Jesus Christ every existed in History, and only Jesus Bar Abbas the Leader of the Militia existed, he said the Root of all that Evil, the backward spell for Live, is Money, if you cannot live without, because you will die, and your Soul will go to Satan in Hell if you Sold your Soul to Satan, knowing that when we die, our Electricity or Light, goes to Ground, to where Hell is. We are all working for Satan, and doing the Biding of Satan.
  21. God is all Light, the Darkness is the Rainbow of Colors found in White Light, where Black and White and all shades of Grey, do not exist. Newton.
  22. God is Static, because God is the Force of Gravity in all Newton’s Equations, so the Force of God is also the Energy it takes to produce the Force, so E = MA2, where F = MA, so you understand what squaring the Force of an object does. Take an Atom, it has Light without Darkness in it, so it has God in it. Light is Static, so is God.
  23. Saying God is the same as saying Light without Darkness, and so much easier.
  24. Saying Light without Darkness is same as saying Light, because of 21, so why you are 21 or older, you must understand that Satan is an acronym for Santa, as in the Clause, that time of the year people use money to buy gifts because no one likes anything anyone makes.
  25. God is a Female, because (+1) + (-1) = 0, this is the God Equation, where Trinity states that the Father is the Positive one, and you must got through the Father to get to Heaven, so graph this and put +1 on top, and we know that the Son is the Negative one, always doing the opposite of what the Father is doing, so we know that both the positive and negative 1 are Males, hence the 1, where 0 is where the two ones are equal 0, meaning the 0 Dimension of Space, where all the Neutrinos that make up the Atom, collapse, and look like the Holy Ghost Spirit of Mother Nature, and why Light or God is Static, and the Energy comes from Ground, which is Earth, which is Mother Nature, so we know this is a Fact.
  26. (+1) + (-1) = 0, this is the God Equation, is the Graph of an AC or Alternating Current.
    (+1) –*—-*—–*
       0 *–*–*–*–*–*
    (-1) —-*—–*—–*
  27. The Torah or Bibles said God is Light without Darkness we know is inside Electrons, because electricity makes Light, so we know beyond a shadow of doubt that God is Electricity. We know Everything we know of is made of Atoms, and we know that 1/137 is the answer to the equation for how many Electrons can orbit an Atom, meaning a Proton or Neutron, or any combination of them, proving we have 137 elements in the Periodic Table of Elements, so we have many more to find.
  28. The Universe must work on a simple concept, (+1) + (-1) = 0, this is the God Equation which fully explains how the Universe works on the Atomic Level of Science. We know Atoms have 3 logical state changes, we have Solid, which I call the Positive state, as proof, we know the Father is the Positive one, we know this is 3 dimensional state with width, depth and height. The Son is the Negative one, the Semisolid state of the 3 transitional states of the Atom. The 0 dimension of space has no dimensions to support movement of any kind, this is proof Light is Static and proves why it has no acceleration. We know this is the invisible state of all Atomic structure transitional states, and why we call it the Holy Ghost Spirit of Mother nature, where Holy has a O in it, as Zero ends with an o, as looks the same as a 0, as in (+1) + (-1) = 0, which explains the Universe, and how simple it is really is. I do not try to confuse in any way, only Satan does that, I just tell you the truth, that any can prove to themselves.
  29. There is nothing in the Universe that the equation (+1) + (-1) = 0, or the God Equation, cannot example, in simple terms of Math, but not any math, but Trinary Math, where Trinary means 3 logical states changes of Light, which define the 3 Logical state changes of Matter, where Matter is Positive Energy, Antimatter is Negative Energy, and 0 is where all the Energy comes from, all electricity flows from Ground. In simple terms, if (+1) + (-1) = 0 and we can prove this is an Electrical Signal, same as our Soul, and God who created us in God’s Image, which an Image is a Picture, and Electronic Image, uses Light so we can see it, and God is that Light, and why we can see God, even if we are totally blind, because God is our Mind, because God is our Soul, such that (+1) + (-1) = 0, the God Equation, is also a Soul Equation.
  30. The Father meets the Mother who has a Son, who makes a mother by becoming the Father, and this is the Cycle of Life, and Trinity and Trinary Explains why, and you understand every step of the way, because one concept builds on the next, and soon a concept of how the Universe works, comes down to one Equation that Rules them all, Electronics, or Electricity, the Laws are well known and Documented. Matter and Antimatter, and how God Bombs actually work, now you understand, that trying to separate the bonds of the Electrons shell of Neutrinos, we know that Force is equal to square of the energy it produces based on its mass of atoms with God or Light without Darkness inside them. You only have the right to believe what you can prove, and not some theory no one can prove. I chose to believe in the Torah and Bible, and not in the Church who said God does not physically exist knowing Light without Darkness does exist, and is inside atoms that make up the Everything, because everything is Light. Tesla. Psalms 21 said those People who follow a Shepard into Green Pasture, make you a Sheep, who is in Flock, so you are a Flocker, who took the Mark of the Beast known as a Sheep like Ewe. It does not matter what you believe, it is what you can prove to be the truth, on all levels of Trinary Science, meaning the Science of God, or Light without Darkness found in Atoms, for example, F = MA, where M is the Mass of Atoms we call God, and how God created the Universe.
  31. All knowledge is based on Facts, stupidity is based on Theory, believing a Theory is a way of explaining a fact, makes facts worthless, because a theory means it is not a fact, and only a theory can disprove what I said is the truth, base on simple math, (+1) + (-1) = 0, the Soul/God Equation, we know from Tycho Brahe who showed Kepler the Torah before the Church removed the Pagan beliefs from, and making a new Torah in the Fourth Century, proving the one in the Third Century existed, and did not include Christ, instead stated that Christ is the Name of the Star that aligns with the Great Pyramid every year on 25 December under the Julian Calendar or 14 January under the Gregorian. Stupid People say Stupid Things, so remember that Dumb means you cannot talk, and Stupid means you should not talk. I offend those that offend me. IAM the Light, IAM the Darkness, and IAM every shade of Grey in between, IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh. My Trinary Science is based on Kepler, Newton, Tesla, and Leavitt, and I know they are right, and Einstein was right since he denounced his theories in favor of Newton’s God as the Force of Gravity in all his Equations, and I prove not only how all this works, including all the math that proves it, but in simple terms, that anyone can understand.
  32. You cannot disprove any of these 32 points I have made here, using only facts, that you must prove, and not just say everyone knows that, because no one but me knows this or have talked about it since Tesla died, everyone in the World believed in Einstein’s denounced theory. We know Einstein removed God, proving only Satanic People would believe it, as proof they buy and sell souls and take the Mark of the Beast known as a Sheep like Ewe. Religion is about believing in a Deity God, but dropping the Deity, which is Half-Truth, proving it is Satanic, as proof, they believe God does not Physically Exist, or only as a Spirit, or the name of one of many Angels. Satan is the most beautiful and the one they show as having a deity son who never existed in history, and goes by the Name of Jesus Christ. God is the Ugly one, and depicted in Art as Satan. Now your world is upside down, and you want to do is debunk me using the Latest Theory, with not one fact in it, proving ewe are a Fool, so fire back insults for calling ewe stupid, but ewe are, so go tell it the Sheep in your Flock who only believe what other sheep believe is the Truth, as if more the more people who believe a half truth make it true, or as if you can vote on what is true or not, or pass a law saying Einstein is right and Newton was wrong, then why do we only use Newton’s Math, including E = MC2. You cannot debunk anything I said using only Facts, and few understand what a fact was, or they would only believe in Wizards, or those at the top of the field of study, like Kepler, Newton, Tesla, or Levitt, who I would believe over Einstein’s denounce theory any day. Only Satan would remove God from their Reality.
  33. There is no 33, this is it, all the Masonic Secrets are now yours.

Today my spell check changed Steal (Take) to Steel (Metal), and I am always confused as to which is what, and also it insisted I meant Angel (Spirit or Ball Lightning) instead of Angel (Unit of Measurement). So if some word is wrong, it is my Spell Checker. I got tired, and might have made a few mistakes, so if I made any errors, just let me know where, but if I am right, that means you did not understand what it was I was trying to say.

You can share this information to others, post it on any website, so anyone can prove this for themselves, and that no one can disprove it, using facts, and not theories, and Einstein is only a theory, so you cannot use any one’s work based on Einstein or a theory. A fact is a concept based on things we can prove with only words, and no need for a computer to do the math, it is very simple, just like the Universe, the truth is always simple, and easy to understand. God is the Light without Darkness found inside all the Atoms in the Universe, and you know that is the truth.

This is proof that the Torah and Bibles are right, and Kepler, Newton, and Tesla, all wrote about us being Light Beings, and God is the Force of Gravity, and Centrifugal forces that would throw you off it, that is stupid talk.

In 2012 the North Magnetic pole started heading the Equator, starting the End of Time, and it will get there in 2061, on the day Newton Calculated, I wrote a Calculator for the End of Time on my GitHub account. In 2103 our Physical poles will align, and we will have completed the complete pole reversal.

Our Atmosphere will vent into Space, for 6.66 minutes, and cause an instant ice age that will last for thousands of years, just like the Torah or Bibles said it would.

I hope you understand what a Sunspot is now, and how the Sun works, and the Universe in General, and now you know how God created this Universe, and why it works the way God does, just as simple as having God as the Force of Gravity, that sucks in these Planet sized rocks that make Sunspots. This is how God talks to us.

God is the Sun, and the Sunspots, God is Everything, and we are made 100% out of the Light without Darkness inside of God’s Atoms, so after we die, we might become part of our Magnetosphere, that is Heaven above, whereas Hell is Ground, but that is Earth and Mother Nature, so I would fear Hell in the After Life, keep in mind that Satan is the dEvil, the Ugly Angel named God, because God is Everything, and Everyone, as is Satan, and why it is okay to be Satanic, everyone does it, and you can decide to stop being Satanic, but not with Money that Treason, because only Congress is allowed to print money, but only the Privately owned Federal Reserve Prints the US Money, where the U and S superimpose making a $ sign.

Remember these words, and you will understand why all life ends at the End of Time, and why everyone is Satanic, which was all in the Torah or Bibles, so you did not under it, because if you did, everyone would know this, and who knew this?

Kepler, Newton, Tesla, or Leavitt, and even Einstein since he denounced his theories in favor of Newton’s God as the Force of Gravity, and we know this is why we use their science, and not a Theory.

Do you understand what a Sunspot is?

Light and Darkness, it is God.



The Atom is created by Trinary Energy by creating a 0 Dimension and then binding the type of Neutrino and the Type of Light together.

There is a type of Neutrino for every Element in the Periodic Table of Elements.

This are 3 types of Light:
1. Light without Darkness
2. Darkness without Light
3. Light and Dark Mass-less Energy known as White Noise, called Trinary Energy

Trinary Energy can be seen around any Atom, its State Changes can be observed to change the State of the Atom, therefore this is proof that it is controlling the Atom.