His-Story is not like History, it is mostly told by a person and in my case was handed down for generations from Great Cousins, so this section of this website is only here to tell His-Story, because this is where Trinary Science came from, and to not tale you His-Story, is to not even tale you the whole Story, witch is His-Story, which is not just My-Story, but the Story of many Wizard throughout History.

Trinary means 3 State Logic, but to understand this type of Logic you must view it from the point of view of People like me… Jeffrey Scott Flesher: who is writing His-Story about Trinary Science which is based on the work of Sir Isaac Newton that was handed down from generations before me dating back to my first Cousins five times removed: Isaac Newton and Benjamin Franklin Flesher, who were born in Flesherville, which is now named Weston Virginia after my 5th Great Grandfather who immigrated to North America from Germany around 2 November 1752 aboard a ship called the Phoenix which docked in Philadelphia. To understand Trinary Science, we must understand where all the Words and Concepts came from, and Logic is the Foundation of Science, so we have Unary, Binary and Trinary, 1, 2 and 3 State Logic.

This 3 State Science is known as Newtonian Science, and was also known as the Age of Enlightenment, because Newton wrote the Book on Light, and God is All Light, and God was also the Force of Gravity in all his Equations, yet Newton called this 3 State Logic: Trinity; but Trinary is more Scientific, and this Website is dedicated to Science and Not Religion, but I can not explain the History of Trinary Science without fist teaching you the origins of this Knowledge, because I wrote my PhD in Physics in a paper called “The Principles of the Trinary Universe”, and it deals with all aspects of the origins in Science, because just a Century ago it was based on God, nowadays God has been removed from Science.

Newton was an Alchemist which is now called Chemist, but in his days he was known as a Wizard or Magician, because he knew the Magic of the Universe, but Science has no God, and Wizards.. well most people think they are just fairy tales, and will not take me Serious because I talk to the as if they were Real People, when it was really written that way in History, proving most people are Ignorant to Real History; but to understand the whole story you must teach about all the aspects of what a real Wizard is all about, because Newton had a side to him that few know about, because of peoples education about Science and Newton’s work, which was mostly written in his notes, so when the private work of Sir Isaac Newton was released to the Public in the early 1900’s, there was mixed emotions, and what happened after this shaped what Science would be: including Main Stream Science, because Newton wrote more about Religion then he did any other subject, and his views on Religion were hidden from the Public for Centuries, mainly because it went against Main Stream Science and Religion.

In 1666 Newton proved that Christ was inserted into the Bible before the 8th Century, this meant that Jesus actually had 3 Names that some still Deny to this day:

  1. Jesus
  2. Bar
  3. Abbas

Bar/Abbas was a leader in the Militia that fought against the Roman Empire for their use of Money and Taxation: For the Love of Money is the Root of All kinds of Evil, and why the Public turned their backs on the Newtonian Universe once they found out it was written by a Wizard using Witchcraft, so this Story plays out throughout History.

It is clear that like Galileo Galili, who died the year Newton was born, he would have been Burned at the Stake or Banished from the Country if he did not renounce his view of God and Christ, so Newton only wrote about it, and those notes stayed hidden in a box till someone decided to sell them for Money, proving it was Evil, and those notes were purchased by someone who made them Public Domain, because John Maynard Keynes saw the Light that Newton wrote about, and believed the world had the right to know about, even if it meant that they would fine out he did not believe in Christ, leading some to call him Antichrist since he read and wrote using Witchcraft and was known as a Wizard, which is why Albert Einsteins theory which removed God from Science became more Popular.

Newton said that God is All Light without Darkness, then proved that the Darkness in the White Light of the Sun was all the Colors in the Rainbow that we call Light, so it is clear that Humans can only see the Darkness and they call it the Light, this is because Newton proved there are 3 types of Light:

  1. Light without Darkness
  2. Darkness without Light
  3. Mass-less Dark and Light known as White Noise I call “Trinary Energy”

Benjamin Franklin proved that Lightning was Electricity, then Nikola Tesla proved that Light is Electricity at a different Frequency, so it is clear that all these men proved that God is Energy called Light.

Newton said that Trinity described the State Changes of White Noise, so the Father, Son and Holy Ghost or Spirit was not about a Deity, but changes in how we see the Light, Newton said that Light has 3 State Changes:

  1. Solid
  2. Semi-Solid
  3. Invisible

Trinary Science came from the mind of Jeffrey Scott Flesher who was born in Corona California on Saturday 14 January 1961 at 6:32 PM, at a young age it was clear that he was not a Normal Person, on his birthday in 2000 his father called him and told him that he was an Ashkenazi and had Autism and by the 3rd grade he had an IQ of 180… This was hidden to him up till this point in his life, and he had no idea what to make of it, so he did not tell anyone about it, keeping his fathers Secret at a cost: his father died 32 days later, and from that point in his life, he decided that he would write a book about Science, and with the help of his friend Rodney Hue Remelin,  they started a Website called “Light Wizzard”, the name came from the word “Light” which Sir Isaac Newton called God, and proved that God was the Force of Gravity in all his Equations, and the word Wizzard with two Z’s, which came from Dreams that Jeffrey had as a child, and it was not till 2013 when BBC released a Documentary about Sir Isaac Newton called “The Last Magician”, did he realize how much in common he had with Newton: for starters, Magician translates to Wizard, but at the time Nikola Tesla was known as “The Last Wizard”, and the Wizzard with two Z’s was a Wizard in Jeff’s Dreams, and came from the term cutting “Z’s”, because in his Dreams he described the White Wizzard as an old man with long White hair and beard, this Wizzard was revealing the Universe to him in ways he found it hard to put words to, and things that were said in the Video, got Jeff to thinking about things his Cousin Isaac Newton wrote of, one was that Sir Isaac Newton was born on 25 December 1642 under the Julian Calendar, which only the Military uses nowadays, and Jeff was in the Military and still uses that Calendar, then the Calendar was changed in 1752, which was the year my 6th Great Grandfather moved to North America, and this Gregorian Calendar was introduced in 1582 and was well known in Newtons lifetime, and changed his birthday to 4 January 1643 and 10 days were then removed from the Calendar, and adding them back you have 14 January, which is Jeff’s Birthday, so this coincidence was odd, since the Star Sirius would align with the Great Pyramid on that day at 6:32 PM in 1960 which was a Leap year and had 366 days in it, and just happen to be the same time and date Jeff was born at 3666 1/2 Valley View, who later in life joined the United States Air Force and served in the 366th Maintenance Squadron, 66th Air Rescue Squadron and the 31st Special Operations Black Knights Squadron, so this can not all be coincidences, so not only were the two born under the same Star Date: they also both had Autism in the Spectrum known as Highly Functioning, or Aspie named after Doctor Asperger who discovered it, so what did all this mean, and why was it so important to Newton to say that Jesus would come back in the Flesh, when that was what friends in the United States Air Force called Jeffrey Scott Flesher… Jeff was more then curious about these facts, but most people just tell him its just a coincidence, but he only believed in Science and what he can prove to be the Truth about everything, and this was the Truth.

By the age of 13, Flesh ( AKA Flesher) already concluded that Atoms were made of Neutrinos and Light, logically it can be proven that there is a type of Neutrino for every Element in the Periodical Table of Elements, and there was 3 types of Light, and that using modern Electron Microscopes, it was clear that there are 3 State changes for Atoms, and they are the same ones Newton described for White Noise, so he had to find a way to write it that did not sound like Religion, so he renamed “Trinity” to “Trinary”, the word Trinary means 3 logical states, like Unary which has 1 and Binary that only has 2, so the term “Trinary Science” was born.

Terms define what Science means, and the Term Science by itself, means nothing to Trinary Science, which is based on Facts and not Theories, so just to be clear about what terms have changed in Trinary Science: Trinary means 3 State Changes of Light and Atoms, it should be clear that Atoms are made of Neutrinos and Light, so really its just the 3 State changes of Light, because as Tesla said: “Light is Everything”, it is what binds the Neutrinos to the 0 Dimension, and there are 3 Types of Light, the third is called Trinary Energy, it is Mass-less 3 State Light that controls every Atom in the Universe, it creates the Atom, then binds it with other Atoms to make Molecules that make up all Life at the Cellular Level, so its what is running those Microscopic Engines in those Cells, its all encoded in DNA, so the Trinary Energy uses this as a Blue Print to build all combinations of DNA on one Planet called “Earth”, so Trinary Energy is what Newton called Trinity Energy that he called God, and the Bible defined God as All Light without Darkness, so humans can not see this type of Light, its in the invisible spectrum of Light, all they see is the Darkness and they call it the Light, so in Science we must be very clear about what type of Light we are Talking about, so when I say “Light”, I mean all 3 types, or just that specific type or types that I am talking about, so we must define what we are saying so there is no confusion about it, this is Science, and Science is defined in terms of Facts, and not based on Religion or in terms of Religion.

This is just an Introduction to Trinary Science, here I had to disclose the nature of this information, and to get past its history, which started in the Bible with the Definition of God being all Light without Darkness, knowing there can be no Darkness without the Light, it is hard to negate what real Wizards have been teaching for thousands of years, and that is the fact that the Human Race is heading into the Dark ages, and soon the Ice Age will come and they will be left out in the Cold, so this Trinary Science is going to jump back and forth between what Wizards wrote using Witchcraft, which is the Art of hiding the meaning of something using normal words that have more then one meaning; for example: God is all Light without Darkness can mean many things to many people, I know most define Light and Darkness in terms of luminescence, negating the fact its Energy, but at least acknowledging its physical characteristics, it does not address the issue about the Spectrum of that Light, if its invisible, it will have no luminescence and therefor it not Physically Exist, which is not true at all, so on the other end of the spectrum we have Religion of a Deity God, that does not Physically Exist, not as Light that is Electricity, because 95% of people on this Planet do not believe God is Electricity, and that is a fact, they believe in the Deity, not the Energy, and the two are not even close to being the same thing, so to them Light is Good and Darkness is Evil, its just an Emotion using Terms of Religion to define what God is, and Not Science at all, in fact most of them believe in Einstein’s Theories and not in the Newtonian ways of Wizards who do not believe in Christ, so its hard to leave this part out of Trinary Science, but that is what we intend to do, after this Lesson in His-Story of course, because we have to fully disclose where this information came from, and to be fair, we have to disclose that the Author of Trinary Science has been diagnosed by the United States Military as being Schizoaffective but fit for duty because he is not Schizophrenic, there is a fine line for most Aspies who have it, like the Beautiful Mind of John Nash, Nikola Tesla, Benjamin Franklin, Sir Isaac Newton, Galileo Galili, Johannes Kepler and other Wizards throughout time, and if it was not for the fact that Jeff was born with these conditions, he may have never understood what the other Wizards were writing about, most do not understand Witchcraft, and think the whole Wizard things is Silly, which is insulting to real Wizards, and why Jeff finds it hard not to talk about People as if they are Sheeple, if you read his work, you will find that he likes to use a Story about Stupid Sheep eating from a type of Tree called “Yew”, witch goes along with his use of the Word “Sheeple” to describe those that believe in things that they can not be proven to be the Truth, which means Theories, and also it refers to People who believe Money is Necessary to Live, as if they would Die without Money, Newton talked about these people a lot, my Family has documented how President Lincoln was legally Executed for Treason for allowing the Banks to abolish the Constitution so he could use it as collateral for the Loan, along with all the People, thus making People Slaves to Money with never ending Taxation, the very thing that we fought against in the War of Independence, so it is clear these Sheeple eat TaxUS, and it is why most People try to discredit the work Doctor Flesher has done, it is easy to call him Crazy for all this views, but you can not do so with facts, because everyone knows that the Banks Print the Money and not Congress, ask JFK why only Dead Presidents are printed on Money, so Sheeple will pretend that the Constitution was Amended, knowing Amend means Minor Change, and to allow the Banks to Own it is a Major change, in fact, it Voids the Contract, but We the People already did that, because it stated All Humans are created Equal, so it did not allow for Slavery, so Lincoln was a Liar, which is a Dark Wizards Spell for Lawyer, so like most people on this Planet, who Lie about what God is, and what Freedom means, to Jeff, its all about Free Dumb, and he has a hard time not putting Sheep in their Place for saying Stupid things, so know this when asking questions at the Forum, he may say that Yew are Stupid, which is the Truth, but only if you know who “Yew” are, and that is suppose to be Funny, Aspie Humor is not always funny to Neurotypicals, I say that using Sarcasm, because it is just a handful of Emotions that he can not deal with.

So please read the Blogs, you can comment, or go to the Forum and ask questions there, but understand this is not the place to talk about Religion other then to translate what the Bible wrote as Science and Not Religion, that is very important, I do not change anything the Bibles states, and I do mean all of them, have to say, I only read it Literally, which is also an Aspie trait, and so is being Honest, so I will try not to say “You are Stupid”, for not understanding this, and I will try to be a Scientist and not a Wizard, the Light Wizzard in the Flesh can do that, so go to LightWizzard.com if you want to talk about Wizards and Religion, come here to talk about Trinary Science.