Trinary Science

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Introduction to Trinary

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

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Chapter 1
Introduction to Trinary

There are many types of Science, and names to go with them, but none of them come close to the type of Science known as The Light, so I need to define a new Type of Science I call Trinary Science, this new Science defines all aspects of Science starting at the Subatomic particles know as Neutrinos and Light, although Light is one of the oldest Sciences recorded in History, few actually understand it, because of the what Words were used to define it and how they were Spelled, so it comes down to Education, because throughout History: Science has changed.

The Science our Grandparents were taught in school is not the same Science their Grandchildren will be taught, but Trinary Science is based on the Oldest Science of all: Light. So do not confuse what you believe about Science with this type of Science that is based on Light: Logic, Reason and Observation, Sir Isaac Newton 1 and Nikola Tesla called this Light God, because the Bible stated: God is All Light without Darkness, so to remove Religion from Science, I renamed it to Trinary Energy, so it is based on Facts and not Religion or Theory, all Trinary Science does is put names to things that we can Observe with our naked eye or using Technology, like: Electron Microscopes, Waveform Analyzers, and other Electronic Measurement Equipment, so it is how we describe its behavior based on Logic and Reason, so Trinary Science just describes Reality.

The term Trinary refers to 3 State changes that occur in Nature, we see it in the White Noise in our Vision, we can hear it in our Ears, and we sense it will all our Senses, it is as much a part of us as we are with it, yet we only sense it on a subconscious level, yet every Atom in our body is aware of it, and reacts to it. It all comes down to how we define the Word Trinary, and that is true for any word, but to leave it out of Science is to ignore it even exist, considering that at the Atomic Level, all Atoms are in a Trinary State, so are we, so we are Trinary Beings.

Science is only how we define it, what Words we used and how we Spell them define who we are, but Words have many meanings and can be Spelled in different ways, so to define what Science is, we must define every Word and Spelling that we used to describe it, and we can not assume that anyone knows anything about it, so I can not just use the term Science, and expect that you would know what an Atom is, because that would Assume that you knew what each word was defined as - using this Science, so the first Step in Science is to define what it is called and how to Spell it.

I can not teach Trinary Science by comparing it to other types of Science being Taught, you can not learn Trinary Science by comparing it to what you think you know about Science, few were taught the Newtonian Science, they only use Newtonian Math which actually would not work with their Science, because its based on the Light of God instead of the Insanity of Man, Sir Isaac Newtons said it well: I can calculate the motion of heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people.

The concept of Trinary Science came from the writing of my First Cousin 5 times removed: Isaac Newton and his son Benjamin Franklin Flesher, who inherited all the Notes of the two Men that History knows, but few know about what they wrote because like Sir Isaac Newtons notes, this too was a Secret that few knew, except for me Jeffrey Scott Flesher, who wrote the book The Principles of the Trinary Universe.

I tried to teach His-Story about the Trinary Universe, and even though Sir Isaac Newton [2] was The Last Magician, BBC could not call him The Last Wizard, because that honor already fell on Nikola Tesla, so I will not teach the ways of these Wizards here, if you want to listen to Wizards, then visit The Light Wizzard in the Flesh

Trinary Science will be taught by:

Jeffrey Scott Flesher USAF
Illustration 1.1: Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant Jeffrey Scott Flesher USAF PhD.
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Seen in Illustration 1.1:, He will try to stay focused on Teaching Trinary Science from the Subatomic level, to the Macro level of Trinary Science in a book called Trinary Science and the Online HTML version:, and he will try not to talk about his favorite subject: which is about why Trinary Science is not Mainstream Science.

Those who want to learn the Real Science of all time must forget what you think you know about Science, and Open your Mind to Trinary Science, it is the Oldest Science known to exist in Writing dating back before the first Bible was written, yet this is not the Science being taught today because some Sciences come and Go, but Trinary Science will be the same forever, so you might as well Learn the Truth about Science, instead of trying to keep up with Science Fiction, because you will find not Theories here, just pure Science that is backed by Facts that are Observable with the Naked Eye, so you will not need Technology to verify this Science, it will only confirm it. You must have Faith that the Light Exist, which is why I do not care what yew believe, nor does the Universe, Know it or No it Not, Science is what you believe it to be, Trinary Science is just the truth about what you See, and if Seeing really was believing, then Trinary Science is the only Real Science in the World, and the rest is just Science Fiction, and just because I love Science Fiction, does not mean I want it in my Science, I want Science to be Real and not some Theory that changes every year.

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