Trinary Science

Chapter 11.00
History of Trinary States

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Chapter 11
History of Trinary States

The History of Trinary State changes goes back before the Bible according to my Great Cousins: Isaac Newton, and Benjamin Franklin Flesher, but History is written by those who Conquered, so History hides Secrets, just like the Banks, Church's and Mason have their Secrets, the Secret about the Light without Darkness is one of the biggest keep Secrets, and it was hidden in plain view, its only how you define what Light without Darkness really is, does History reveal its Secrets. Sir Isaac Newton said that Trinity describes the 3 State changes, all I did was change the Spelling of that word to Trinary, so I could remove what Religion teaches about Trinity, since it upset Sir Isaac Newton to no end, as proof of this watch the BBC Special: The Last Magician, which aired in 2013, the last Wizard was Nikola Tesla, but the word Magician and Wizard are the same in some context, because Wizards know the Magic of keeping Secrets, and no other Secret in the History of the Human race was more important to Newton than the Truth, but in his Time he would have been burned at the stake for telling the true, as would Galileo Galilei who died the same year Sir Isaac Newton was born, and their Secret was about the Light without Darkness, and how they defined its meaning, so this History was written by Sir Isaac Newton himself, so pay attention to what he said and how he said it, because he stated that Christ was inserted into the Bible before the 8th Century, this was done so that God would not be the Light without Darkness, as the Bible stated God is All Light without Darkness, but instead Christ the Son of God was a Deity that does not Physically Exist, but the Light without Darkness is the Light we can not see, which is why the Bible states we must have Faith that God exist even if we can not see God, but Faith has been replaced by Electronic Equipment that can see this Invisible Light known as the Holy Ghost or Spirit, and now I call it Trinary Energy, and proved it using Trinary Science, but Newton knew what it was, it was not a Deity, it was Energy, but it was not in Alchemy, it was in Electricity as Franklin and Tesla proved, all I did was finish the work they began, but few know about my Work, few know about my Great Cousins work, but the truth about History is that Religion mad God into a Deity, and made Jesus Bar Abbas into two people, one was known as Christ, because Bar/Abbas was a leader in the Militia that fought against the Roman Empire, because of their use of Money and Taxation, and it is these people who won the War, so they wrote History, and the People believed it, because those that deny Jesus's Name 3 Times are cowards, and those that deny God is All Light without Darkness is Energy are Fools, so Cowards and Fools make up over 95% of the population of the World at the time I wrote these Words, but this is not a Secret, Sir Isaac Newton wrote it down over 333 years ago, and its just because Religious people want to believe that Sir Isaac Newton is the Antichrist, for stating what he did about Jesus, making him Anti which means Against, and Christ which means a Deity that does not Physically Exist, so these Wizards were Antichrist, which is why Newton said I can calculate the motion of heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people.

When Sir Isaac Newtons notes became public domain in the early 1900's, the public turned their back on Newton's Science, and from the Theory of Albert Einstein's General Relativity that created the Dynamic Universe, which replaced the Newtonian Universe, although people still use Newtonian Math in the Dynamic Universe, when Einstein said its Incompatible, because it was based on God being the Force in all Newton's Equations, which is why Einstein said he believed Newtons Universe, and not his own Theory, but the Public decided to use Newton's Math and mix it in with General Reality, which can only create Paradox's that can not exist in Reality, because the way my Cousin Isaac Newton explained it, Light without Darkness is Light we can not see, because we can only see the Darkness, which is every Color in the Rainbow, which is why Einstein's Theory is more popular than Newton's, because the Dynamic Universe is not created by God, so I need to change the words to take religion out of Science. I will state what Newton said in simple terms, Trinity has 3 State Changes as seen in Table 11.1: Trinity:

  1. Father
  2. Son
  3. Holy Ghost or Spirit
Table 11.1: Trinity

The Father was renamed to the Solid State to reflect what we see, which is the Father, meaning it is Solid, the Son is not as Solid as the Father, nor as bright, so I call the Son Semi-Solid, and the Ghost or Spirit is Invisible, so it is in the 0 Dimension. It is clear that the meaning Newton gave to the Words does not change their meaning in Science, so I renamed them because of what Religion defined them as, and not the Bible, it did not state that at all, since Newton claimed Christ was inserted into the Bible, if you remove Christ you will find the truth behind Science, and the Lie that is in Religion, so to avoid any Religious debates, I decided to rename it to remove all Religion for Science, but the words that were written in the Bible are the Truth, God is All Light without Darkness, and Trinary Science does not change that, it only renamed it to Trinary Energy, but this is the History of why I changed it, and I have to explain in here or else I lie about where this Science came from, and who's concepts and Math is used to verify it, because it all came from many Men throughout History, in modern times we know about Men like: Tycho Brahe, Johannes Kepler, Galileo Galilei, Sir Isaac Newton, Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Richard Strauss, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Isaac Newton Flesher, Benjamin Franklin Flesher, Samuel Clemens (also known as Mark Twain), Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Jeffrey Scott Flesher, and many others, but History has a way of labeling people like these as Autistic or Aspies, and using labels like Wizards, some people used those labels to discredit these Men, and we can not have any of that in Science, but it is part of History, and Science is part of that History, since these Men all believed in the God of All Light without Darkness, these Men were all Men of Trinary Science, so do not let Names and Labels get in the way of Science.

Throughout History people have talked about the 3 State changes in Atoms, even though the Technology to view Atoms has only been around for half a Century, but that was not true thousands of years ago according to my Cousin Isaac Newton, who said that Advanced Societies built the Pyramids which were Power Planets, and other Structures on this Planet, using Technology we do not have to this date, well that has changed in my time, we now have Aircraft, even Spacecraft, so it is not that difficult to see what went wrong in History, that Race was destroyed, and according to Newton, it was done so by Moses who Destroyed the Pyramids to loot the Gold that the Technology used to conduct Electricity, so Moses used Words to brainwash people into thinking that they needed Money and Laws, this is how Sheep are made into slaves for the use of people who buy them for Money, so my Cousin Isaac Newton did not talk about History the same way History was written, he had his own version of History, as did the others, so with History just remember who wrote it and how maintains it, but you can not take back what Sir Isaac Newton said as the Last Magician, Pandora's box is now open, and it is about time History starts to tell the truth about this Science I call Trinary Science, and it all started with someone understanding that these Trinary State Changes are Real.

History is a crazy concept, the Pyramids prove we once had a more Highly advanced Society then we have now, yet History that is being taught in School makes them out to be Cave men that are too Stupid to have built them, yet they exist so History is wrong about them but will not admit it, so History is not very useful in explaining the History of Trinary State Changes, but Newton was, and he is part of History.

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